I was burning alive and didn’t even know it.

Until they rescued me…

My days are spent in the Burn Unit at the hospital I work as a nurse at, supporting those who have kissed the red hot flames that consumed their world and survived to tell the tale. Until the tables are turned and I am now the one in the hospital bed after being rescued by three firefighters.

Their silhouttes appeared in the darkest moment of my life, pulling me out of the shadows I had been living in. Now when I have nothing and no one, they insist I can lean on them.

I want to, I really want to, but how can I when the same person who burnt my house to the ground is running around the city leaving smoldering tributes in my name?

They want me. I want them. But he wants to consume me, just like his fires. Maybe I should let him so that I can protect them.

Then again, a firefly only knows to burn brighter the darker it gets.


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