Aiden, Gideon, Oliver, Jaxon – The Club Kings

The men I now called mine. Despite the threat hanging over my head, we have found our rhythm. I had never been a part of a real family, but if this was what it was, I never wanted to lose it.

Though I don’t understand what love is, these men are starting to own my heart, as well as my body. I’ve found a confidence that I never had before and I can feel happiness shining through me.

I should have known it was too good to last…

Petty disagreements drive me from the home I shared with my men and I find myself back in the middle of danger. When I’m kidnapped and held by my psycho ex, I can’t think of anything but my men. But I don’t know if I want them to find me, or just leave me to die.

Because after I’m ruined, I’m not even sure they can put me back together again.

Finding Brooklyn is a spicy contemporary “why choose” romance. This is second in series with no cheating and a happily for now ending.


His eyes told me the only fun on his mind was the naked kind. I lifted up onto my elbows and looked over at him. I could see the tension in him as he held himself back from jumping onto me. The thought made a smile cross my face, and Oliver turned to set his glasses down. I kicked off my running shoes and Oliver peeled the socks from my feet.

Oliver lifted one of my feet and pressed his thumbs into the arch, and I flopped back with a groan. He continued the massage on the other foot and I couldnt help but go limp in the middle of the bed. His fingers crawled up my calves, pressing and massaging my muscles. I was tight after my run and his hands were doing wonderful things to my body.

When he reached my thighs, his thumbs glided close to my center, but he didnt touch where I wanted. I lifted my hips to him, but he just darkly chuckled and pulled back. Opening my eyes, I hadnt even realized had closed, I looked down at him. He was watching my face and his eyes were hot on mine. 

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