“It only took one night for my life to change. A baptism in my brother’s blood created a darkness I couldn’t escape. I know when I wake up, nothing will be the same.”

When I witnessed a pack of wolf shifters murder my family, my whole world changed overnight. S.P.P, The Shifters Protection Program, finds me and offers me a place to heal and a new start in life I wasn’t expecting. Filled with grief and surrounded by secrets, being on my own is terrifying. Finding a sense of normalcy seemed impossible until I met them—a group of wolf shifters who changed everything.

Thorn – The gruff eldest brother who carries a hidden sweetness.

Rowe – The unhinged artist that’s fueled by passion and obsession.

Sylvin – The crazy overprotective psycho intent on keeping me.

Maddox – The flirty golden retriever who never fails at making me blush.

I shouldn’t want to be around these guys. They’re intense. Impassioned in a way that borders on obsession with my presence. I thought being around the same type of shifters that killed my family would send me running, but I can’t deny my connection to them. They’re becoming everything to me.

With them by my side, I feel like I can escape the darkness that’s taken residence inside of me. I just hope we can survive all the secrets circling us in a world that’s nothing as it seems.


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