Half demon, half human, with the power of all five elements, I can make a difference.

The Order of Martyrs thinks my magic is evil. My quad trusts that I’m good. The truth is that I’m a little of both. Caught in the middle, I’m just trying to figure out who I really am.

The problem is that I don’t honestly know.

All of my dreams for my future are gone. The things I spent my life working toward have been rendered meaningless. I was told that the scar on my hand marks me as Anathema, the most lethal of the Brethren. Because my Dad’s a demon, that means I’m an abomination. Unfortunately, those last two things do not go together.

Yep, I’m a mess.

Even worse, the rest of my quad has abilities that are little more than parlor tricks. There’s no way we can make this work. We’re out powered on both sides, caught in the middle, and if this keeps up, we’ll be fighting for our lives. We have to be missing something. The big question is what.

After all, the Order says I can’t be a hero.
So the four of us are going to change the rules.
It’s time to stand up and let a little evil run free.


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