June Engival is the daughter of a wealthy financier that wanted a son and got a daughter. She feels alone and wants to prove to her father she has value. She wants her father to love her, so she becomes something she thought he would be proud of. Japanese martial arts became her life and passion. It gives her purpose and helps her find her center. As a world champion, she still doesn’t measure up in her father’s eyes. But it’s the only thing that will save her when she’s kidnapped by aliens. She lives a nightmare that might break others, but she is strong, and the fire she has in her soul will not allow her to cave to the evil that exists in the universe. She is fighting for her body, her life, and the lives of the ones she cares for. When she meets him, the attraction is immediate, and the connection is deep. Will June be able to trust other males to complete her Triad? Can they find balance in a galaxy of chaos? Can they trust those they put their confidence in? They must fight their way free and decide how to make a difference in the galaxy together. 

Ronin is the prince of a dead people. The Nlyaxian homeworld was destroyed three years ago, and no one knows by whom. He is a general who led armies to victory over a terrible foe, but he has no armies. He is now a slave on the ship he built. He is alone except for his fellow slave and friend Doraj. He is at his lowest when he saves a beautiful red-haired warrior. He wants more than just her in his bed. She is beautiful, intelligent, and a formidable warrior; he wants it all. The males who were to form his triad may be dead, but he knows he is destined to be prime of her Triad. The people of this ship are his people now and he will do everything in his power to keep them safe. Can he keep them safe against the criminal element of the galaxy?

Together they want to help the others suffering as they have and there are many bondage. Ronin and June must build a crew and a safe haven to keep the people they save safe. They must become vigilantes to do what they must, hunted by the good and the bad. They find a crew that becomes their family along the way. June is a warrior. She will find a way to make the galaxy safer for the good people. One of her tormentors comes back to try again to make her his and to kill Ronin. Can they stop him? Can they find the other human women kidnapped with her? One of the friends she makes has abilities to see things no one else can. What does she see in June’s destiny? And why does she need to be there with her?

Ronin can feel he is destined for her but she is destined to change the galaxy. Together can they affect change in the galaxy and keep each other safe at the same time.


‘As part of my training, restraint and control are tenets, but right now, fuck all that. I need violence and chaos. I am vengeance.’ — June

‘I see her walk around the corner. Almost as if in slow motion, she is holding two long sharp, looking blades, and they drip with blood. She looks like a warrior goddess. The mask she wears is fury. She is covered in blood, but I know it is not hers because she walks uninjured. She is magnificent. I need to focus on my battles, but it’s nearly impossible. As I watch her, she cuts down five males, and the flow of her body as she moves is pure harmony. They have no chance against her.’ — Ronin

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