My Christmas wish this year is the same one I’ve had for the last six in a row. I want love. Figgy pudding, I’d even settle for a kiss under the mistletoe! But no matter how many times I ask, Kris always turns down my wish.
Pickings are slim in the North Pole, and life is hard enough being one of Santa’s elves, especially when you’re a South Pole elf. So this year, I’m taking my wish into my own hands.
Except, I always seem to forget I’m not the most graceful of elves and my elfing wish goes horribly wrong, when I panic, and steal Santa’s magical Candy Cane, landing me in seriously cold cocoa.
Now the snowmen in my front yard have transformed into three gorgeous—and very naked—human men, and I have no idea how to fix what I’ve done.
Did I mention Kringle, well, Santa if you’re feeling formal, is my guardian? This whole thing is basically his fault, since he’s the one that took me in and raised me.
My name is Noella, and you should probably hold onto your jingle balls, cause this sleigh ride is about to get messy and bright.

***This is a Holiday Reverse Harem Romance with a hilarious elf FMC and three human men who will do anything for her. Prepare for some laughs, tears, and some spice!***


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