A Phoenix, a sarcastic horse, and a farmer walk into a barn…

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but my life is far from humorous.

Centuries have passed since my creation and I have lived hundreds of lives. Each one a constant reminder of the sadistic monster who hunts me and fuels my nightmares.

It seems that when the gods are involved my life will never be easy, especially when I’m entangled with secrets that span across centuries and realms.

After yet another painful death, I regenerate again. But this time I find allies in the sarcastic stallion Shadowbolt and handsome farmer Killian.

When my past catches up with me and I am once again confronted by the monster who wants me dead, will I be able to protect those I have grown to love? Or will he destroy us all?

Truths will be revealed and love may be found…but can it thrive when the monster has me in his sights?


The putrid, sickly sweet scent of charred flesh invades my senses. Tears prick at my eyes as intense pain overwhelms my brain until everything is a hazy mist.

When will it end?

“Are you having fun, Little Bird?” the sickening creature taunts, his blood-red eyes staring deep into my soul, sending chills along my spine.

“What do you think? Just hurry up and get this over with.” Each word is a struggle as my mouth is full of the coppery taste of my blood, but I still attempt a smile. Anything to piss the fucker off.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before it’s over. I grind my teeth against the pain of the iron chains cutting into my wrists, burning the skin until it sizzles and blisters. Bile threatens to erupt as my breath comes out in a rattle, and I succumb to the multiple fractures and lacerations covering my body.

I’m so tired. My eyelids grow heavy and begin to fall. I have no strength left to hold myself up and I slump to the ground, gasping.

I hear the monster snarl once more. “Don’t worry, Little Bird. I’ll find you again. I will always find you.”

With those last words echoing through my mind, I die.

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