We’ve been abducted by hot aliens while on the job.
Working overtime led to my twin sister and me being abducted, and we aren’t sure who to sue.

Most twins share a unique bond.
Some can hear each other’s thoughts.
Others are able to sense one another’s feelings.
But my sister and me?
We share the same fate…
Being abducted by aliens.
At least they’re insanely sexy aliens.

With M.J. Marstens writing in Astra’s POV, and Sedona Ashe writing in Cress’s POV, things are bound to be a wild ride!
This laugh-out-loud alien romance will have you drooling over hot aliens, laughing, and falling in love with a new kind of sci-fi romance.
Aliens so hot you might end up with a sunburn just from reading? Check.
Unexpected special equipment? Check.
Lots of steam and chaos? You bet!

D.T.G.P. (Down To Get Probed) is the first book in an exciting new series that follows the Jade sisters’ intergalactic travels. After being abducted, each twin is claimed by a different set of alien mates. Each book in the series will feature an abduction of a different set of sisters from the Jade family, and their journey through the stars to find their mates.


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