A malevolent force stalking the streets of Whitechapel. A headstrong doctor with a mystery to solve. Nightmarish guardians who will protect her at all costs.

1888 years of civilization, a Queen on the throne, and my colleagues still won’t admit a woman could have a superior mind to theirs. My father taught me everything I know about anatomy; right down to how to clip ribs and expose the breadth of human frailty. Now it’s his murder I’m trying to solve, I have even less patience for the men who stand in my way.

It seems my father left me more than his passion for examining death. I also inherited a labyrinth of secrets that might be my undoing.

I’m drawn into a sinister web of intrigue; trapped in a blood-bond with a horde of tempting, savage beasts once in league with my father. My menagerie is unique in ways the doctor in me could only dream of. They’re making me question everything I thought I knew and they’re desperate to protect me from the devil lurking in the darkness. A depraved butcher my defenders know only too well. And now he’s set his burning gaze on me.

I’ll need all my skills and my cleverness to stay alive. But something primal calls to me.

Something a proper lady shouldn’t crave.

Something monstrous

My own Dreadful Desires.

Dreadful Desires is the enthralling first book of the Monsters of Whitechapel dark gothic why-choose romance series. Perfect for fans of The Never Kingby Nikki St. Crowe and lovers of the Penny Dreadful series on the Showtime Network. This series should be read in order and features serious adult themes with morally gray love interests.


I thought about the way the Scot—Rory—had held me fast to his body and forced me into the room where my father’s so-called associates had been waiting. I thought about the way he had bristled when the other one—Sweeney—had tried to execute some kind of claim. How he had grabbed me roughly in the alley. The way his lips had slipped effortlessly between mine, tempting me to open my mouth and let him in.

About how I had almost given in.

I huffed with renewed frustration, shifting my weight on the seat of the hansom cab to allay the uncomfortable throbbing feeling I had below my navel. No manner of squirming seemed to help, and I paid my fare outside of the house and wandered inside without the relief I didn’t even realize I needed. So much for not letting him derail my evening.

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