They say finding a mate is the most magical moment in our lives. What they don’t tell us is what happens to girls who aren’t perfect.

My life was derailed when I was sent to prison for murdering a man I don’t remember killing. Which is a shame, because if I’m doing the time, I most assuredly deserve to be able to relive the moment when my tormentor screamed his last.

Shifters aren’t meant to be locked up. As a shifter that can’t shift, it’s a death sentence, and I resigned myself to dying in prison.

When an unexpected opportunity to escape presents itself, I take it…even if it means going on the auction block and being sold to men who are so desperate for a mate, they’ll settle for even me. Three beautiful, domineering men lay claim to me, and for the first time in my life I have a chance at a bright future.

The only problem is the man whose son I killed. He wants vengeance, and he’s willing to do anything to get it. If I want to come out of this alive and save my potential mates, I need to figure out how to shift or we’re all dead.

Meet the Pack: Felicia, Preston, Darius, and Elias.

**PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED in the BABE Beasts and Beauties Anthology.


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