In a city that never folds, I’m risking it all to rewrite the rules of the game…

A single, deadly night tears through our illusions, plunging us into a tumultuous sea of danger and deceit. In the ever-shifting labyrinth of Vegas, where alliances are as volatile as the roll of the dice, every move we make teeters on the razor’s edge between redemption and ruin.

Here, in a city forged on luck and laden with loss, we engage in the ultimate gamble: a perilous game of survival, where the stakes are higher than ever, and trust is the most dangerous bet of all.

When the stakes are your life and the dealer is fate, folding is not an option.

Double or Nothing is an adult steamy romance with high heat where the girl will end up with multiple love interests. This book contains romantic suspense themes. This book does NOT contain cheating, OW drama or MM because the men fall hard and fast for only the girl. All characters are in their twenties. This is the second book in the “Sin City Kings” series.


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