I’m all these things and more, depending on who you ask. But when three humans come stumbling into my life, I may finally find out who and what I truly am.

The fae realm is full of violence and treachery, and now I have no choice but to trust these strangers if we want to make it out alive. It might have been easier to let them die, but I just couldn’t have their blood on my hands too. Unfortunately for Lucien, Atlas, and Dorian, the greatest threat may not be in the realm of Faerie.

I’m afraid the biggest monster of them all might just be me.


“Only monsters that go bump at all hours of the day and night are us. Fae come in all shapes and sizes, some with blood fetishes and some that can transform their bodies. We’re your werewolves and vampires, your witches and boogeymen.” Her humor dies off as shadows overtake her silver irises. “Monsters in pretty packages.”


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