Six years ago, a single text changed my world irrevocably. The life I never thought possible, the one I hadn’t even dared to dream of, was gone in an instant—snatched away by the monster who would stop at nothing to own me.

The Barones always get what they want, though, no matter the cost—and the price of my two best friends, the men I loved, is one I’ll never pay … and he knows that.

He thinks he can break me, but he’s wrong. With every blow, I just come back stronger.

He thinks he can tame me, but the devil doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules.

When this devil reunites with her demons, there won’t be a soul alive that can stand against us. I’ve tasted darkness, and it only left my mind and body craving more.

Once I escape, there’ll be hell to pay … and the devil always collects.


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