Attacked. Manipulated. Taken. But I never expected betrayal like this.

It will take everything I have to make it back to my mates. My wolf. My caster. My demon. My dragons. The other parts of my soul.

Our bond is deepening every day, and with it, our power is growing. A power we’ll need to fight what’s ahead.

Because someone has created an army of evil. And that army has its sights set on us…


I crossed the space one step at time, my slippers practically silent in the plush carpet. I stopped behind him, lifting a hand to press to his back.

Trace whirled around, catching my wrist. “Don’t touch me.”

His eyes were wild, swirling shades of violet, blistering with heat.

My breath caught in my throat. “I love you.”

It was the only thing I could think to say.

Pain steaked through Trace’s eyes. “You make a habit of loving monsters?”

“You’re the most beautiful monster I’ve ever known,” I said honestly. “I love your light and your dark. Love them just the same because they make you who you are.”

His grip on my wrist tightened. “I’ll make you into a monster too. Hell, it’s been less than a day and I already am.”

“Then maybe a monster is who I need to be.”

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