Whether or not I’m ready for the world to change, it already is.

I’m used to life on the streets, but not so much on the run. When I stumble across a secret worth killing to protect, I’m forced to seek refuge in the only place humans don’t dare to go; if I even survive that long.
Yet the men I meet there are convinced we can’t hide forever, that the only way I can truly have any sort of life is by ending this. From the moment I was shot, I became destined to strike. With only one chance at pulling this off, I just pray that I hit hard enough to keep them down.


“So I take it I should go first?” he teases, taking a step away as he readies his stance. “Only if you want to get a shot in before I kill us,” I deadpan and he barks out a laugh. The poor fool thinks I’m kidding. Whipping my arm, I err on the side of caution and go high, trying not to shatter the ice. Instantly, I get thrown back a few feet. As I start to topple backward, Ian snakes out a hand to catch me before I land on my ass, but we both end up tumbling into a heap on the ice. The problem is that my magic’s a lusty bitch, and it’s wholeheartedly on board with claiming our mate. The energy ball veers off course, circling back like a horny boomerang. “Shit!” Ian rolls us out of the way a second before it crashes into the ice, and we scramble up onto the bank as cracks spread from the hole like a spider web. Breaths coming quickly, I flop into the snow on my back. “Tried to warn you.”


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