I refuse to be a pawn.

My father sees me as nothing more than a thing to trade for more wealth and power, but I’d rather die than live the life arranged for me. I need to escape, and when a half-dead shifter climbs through my window, I may just have the perfect excuse. If this stranger is found, he’ll be slaughtered, but hiding him would spell my doom.
I can’t let this man die simply for what he was born as. We need to run, get him back to his pride, and hope I can convince them to hide me.
From the moment I was born, I was destined to run. I just pray I’m fast enough to outrun my fate.


My thighs clench around Ares’ head and my breaths come quicker, working Cole’s cock faster as I chase my orgasm. At the sound of gagging I pause, because it sure as hell isn’t me. I’m taking this cock like a fucking champ, thank you very much and I just showered. “Are you kidding me?” Ares growls, sending a shiver up my spine as his hot breath licks at my skin. “I’m so sorry,” Ozzy gasps, retching again, and I pull off of Cole’s cock to look over Ares’ shoulder. Osiris is dry heaving near the door and I start to sit up, panic setting in. That is, until a massive fucking hairball splats onto the cheap carpet and he turns his golden, pleading eyes in my direction. “This doesn’t usually happen,” he apologizes, sounding panicked. “I’ve never been a cat this long. I didn’t mean to interrupt, just um, pretend I’m not here.” Cole flops onto his back, throwing an arm over his face and groaning in exasperation. “Why did I miss you again?”


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