When the love of my life rejects me, I’m desperate to escape the wilds. Even if it means fleeing to the human cities.

Shifters grow up hearing horror stories of how humans treat us as nothing more than easy sport; beasts to taunt and kill. It’s a truth passed down through generations, and we’re taught to stay away, to keep to our kind.

But if being rejected by my mate has taught me anything, it’s that people lie, and I need to discover the truth of the world for myself.

When I catch the eye of two shifters, I gain a couple of sexy, though unwanted, stalkers. They follow me to the cities where nothing goes as planned, and I end up in a horror story of my own until a stranger comes to my rescue.

All of this is more than I bargained for, and three men?

Hello, complicated.

I may have lost my pack, but maybe I had to be a lone wolf to realize I have the power to build my own.


Not supplied by author.
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