The path to peace is paved in blood.

I wasn’t even given the mercy of being left for dead in that alley. One choice after another was savagely torn away from me as a monster dragged me into the supernatural world kicking and screaming, forcing me to become a murderer.

I can never get the life I lost back, but three unexpected men may be my saving grace. They’ve made it their mission to prove that while I can never have the life I lost back, they can give me one actually worth fighting for.

I’m finally ready to let go of my past, but it’s not willing to return the favor, shattering the tentative peace I’ve started to find. I’ve paid my pound of flesh ten times over by now; I shouldn’t spend the rest of my life being punished for something that was never my fault to begin with. But when you have as much blood on your hands as I do, how can you be anything other than damned?

Yet the Fates didn’t send a reaper to claim my soul, they sent three men that see me as more than my numerous sins.

It’s about time that I prove I was worth saving.


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