An Incubi MC. Their newest acquisition. Revelations that could mean all our deaths …

I’m theirs. I signed up to be one of the Iron Incubi’s playthings to save my friend, but at what cost?

They set my body on fire. I know they’re just using their incubus tricks, but the line between the job I signed up for and my real emotions is blurring. I’ve never felt like I’ve belonged, but I’m afraid I’m starting to feel more at home with these monsters than I ever did with my own kind.

They’re keeping secrets though. There’s suspicion in their eyes and if my oblivious brain has noticed then I’m either getting to know these guys better or it’s already witch-burning time and I’m about to be tied to the stake!

I expected their cruelty. They’re demons after all. Sie despises me, and Korban treats me like he’s taking his hatred of all humans out on me. But I never thought any of them would be kind. Theo makes sure I eat, and playboy Paris jokes with me, buys me everything he thinks I need and then some. Then there’s Vic, the MC President. He saved my life, but now I might as well be invisible.

What do these demons actually want from me? If they hate me so much, then why haven’t they killed me?

I’m still Jane Mercy, but I’m dancing to their tune, and I don’t know the steps. But no one’s going to save me from them. I have to do that myself.

I’ve always survived before, but, this time, will my heart?


‘Take off your clothes,’ he says.

‘Excuse me?’

But I want to. I really want to. My heart is pounding hard in my chest.

‘Not like that,’ he says. ‘I need to check you over the way they should have at Metro Gen. There’s a hospital gown right there. Put it on. I just want to make sure you’re ok.’

‘How will you do that exactly?’ I ask, stomach fluttering.

‘Well, I’ll have to touch you – with your permission, of course. But don’t worry, Miss Mercy, you’re in capable hands.’

My eyes widen. He just did the Doctor Wright voice. Does he know he did or is that just how he talks to all his patients?

He turns around and pulls a blue curtain across, giving me a little bit of privacy as I take off the clothes that I put on this morning. I slip on the gown. It’s the kind that ties at the back, so if I turn around, he’ll see my ass.

I slide my hands down my body, the cool cotton teasing my skin, my nipples that are rapidly hardening. I need …


‘Is everything ok?’

‘Can you help me with this, please?’

I turn my body to face the wall, and I hear him pull the curtain open. There’s silence and I look over my shoulder innocently to see that he’s frozen. His hand is still on the blue material, and he’s staring at my naked ass.

I shift on my legs, letting it wiggle a little even as I wonder who this person is who has control of my body because I never do stuff like this. I don’t even know how to do stuff like this.

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