The last time that I could be touched without flinching was five years ago, when my brother tried to burn me alive.

Now, Mom promises me a new life, billionaire stepdad, safety. And all on the mysterious, paradise island of Never. But it’s a lie. Never’s a nightmare of secrets and dangerous desires, a cover to hide an asylum for the most broken heirs of the super-rich elite.

Now, I’m one of them.

All I wanted was a chance at a normal life. But instead, I’m claimed as the Darling of the dark and ruthless men who run Never — my stepbrothers.

PeterShadow, and Pan.

They’re cold, wild, psychos.

I should run from and not towards them. They’re forbidden. Only, they’re as beautiful, as they’re damaged. And their scars match my own. When they swear to burn down the world to keep me safe, I finally have a chance to no longer fear the flames…or their touch.

Except, there’s more secrets to reveal. There’s a killer on the island. And he’s coming for me next.

If you fly to Never, you may never grow up…

Our darling. Our madness. Our Never.


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