Five cruel sex demons who have fallen hard. One woman who may not be human. Enemies who know she’s not …


I thought I knew who the bad guys were. Turns out I was dead wrong, but so were the Iron I’s and now everything has gone straight to hell.


Vic, Sie, Theo, and Paris are missing. Metro City is a smoking shell. And I’m stuck with the demon who hates me the most in the middle of freaking nowhere. Oh, and Vic’s creepy dad has his sights set on the human girl who runs with the Iron Incubi MC.


They say I’m not human, but they don’t have a clue. I’m as human as they come. I mean, I think I *might* have accidentally killed two guys with my mind, but, trust me, they totally had it coming and I feel like it was just a coincidence…


All I want to do is find the demons I’ve grown to care about and shake off the ones I don’t.


Korban is keeping me in a gilded cage and he’s decided I need to be protected at all costs, but I’m Jane Mercy, mofo! I’m a neuro-spicy human and I don’t stay anywhere I don’t want to be. As far as I’m concerned, my contract is null and void.


As soon as I can figure out where I am and how to escape, I’m going to go find the others, avoid the weirdos who want me for who only knows what, and live happily ever after!


Because, after everything I’ve been through, I freaking deserve it!


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