Holland is running from her past, but it has followed her.

Someone is determined to make her pay for a life lost.

Holland Nelson has accepted a position in Crisis Intervention. When the job offer came, she chose to keep a secret from her employer.

The darkest of disclosures, one that will come back to haunt her.

Aiden Prosper, a paramedic, recognizes the ways his best friends are suffering after a tragic loss. He isn’t sure he can keep them from falling apart when the hurt he tucks behind playful smiles is weighing him down.

Will Kendrick, an emergency room doctor, feels like he’s in survival mode. He’s lost one of his best friends, his marriage fell apart, his ex-wife is holding his life hostage, and his friends are changing. It’s only a matter of time before he cracks.

Jake Fletcher, a police officer, just wants to do his job. He is torturing himself with memories, feeling responsible for one of his best friend’s death, and hating the new position he sees as a liability. He wonders if he truly is dead inside.

Holland’s life is about to become even more complicated when she meets some of her new co–workers: The police officer who resents Holland’s new position, the emergency room doctor questioning his choices, and the paramedic who wants to fix them all, Holland included.



No. This can’t be happening again. Grabbing the note from under my windshield wiper, I stuff it in my jeans pocket while looking around me. Please, please, please let it be a fluke. “Excuse me, sir?” The elderly male that lives across the hall from me in the run down four-plex, turns his rheumy eyes my way. “Did you see anyone hanging around out here earlier?”

He stops and holds his back while narrowing his eyes at me. “Why? Something happen?” I’m not about to tell this stranger about the note or my suspicions. My blood pressure spikes as my heart races in my chest.

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