My worst nightmare has come true.

I’m not the Champion of Calamity.

I’m the Conduit. The bad guy.

The Villain.

My vessels might abandon me, or they might stand by me, because they’re all Dark Mages, are they not? They’re used to playing the bad-guy role.

It’s not what I wanted, but maybe there’s hope for us yet.

To change this world for the better, maybe I need to get my hands dirty.

Maybe… instead of running from the darkness, I need to embrace it.

And in doing so, I’ll become the first Malice Queen.

This book was previously published as Dark Arts Academy Episodes 54-106 in the Vella store.
This is a reverse harem paranormal romance with steam, a snarky grimoire, and a badass FMC that will blow your mind.


“What deal?” I snapped, staring Jax down. I didn’t really give two shits that his ex just tried to choke the life out of me. I expected that of my archnemesis.

But Jax working with her behind my back? That I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to forgive, even if it was with good intentions. Some lines shouldn’t be crossed.

“A deal to save you,” he said, as if the details didn’t matter. “You wouldn’t have approved, but it’s what needed to be done to stop your execution by now.”

Mindy huffed a laugh. “She’s not going to show any appreciation, Jax. She’s not capable.” Her lips stretched over her teeth in what I assumed was supposed to be a grin. “She’s the Conduit.

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