Cursed Studies: The Complete Series


Three haunted young men. A terrible curse. One girl who could break it… if this place doesn’t break her first.

I came to Roseborne College looking for answers. This place swallowed my brother whole. What I discover are sadistic teachers who torture more than teach, unearthly sounds that echo through the night, and a wall of roses that holds the students captive.

To unravel the mystery of this place, I need the help of three very different, unnervingly appealing guys. Guys who might be just as messed up as I am.

Maybe together we can heal each other’s wounds. But after the abuse I’ve endured from the boy who claimed to love me the most, it’s hard for me to believe I deserve anything better.

I’ve got to gather my confidence quick, because Roseborne’s malicious spirits want to suck the life out of all of us… and the key to defeating them may be a power I didn’t even know I held inside me.


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