What happens when the truth is more terrifying than the lie?

My name is Maggie O’Brien, and I’m a liar.

I wouldn’t know the truth if it bit me on the behind. Everyone knows it, and so should you. I did it to make my mundane existence in a boring little town more interesting, and I kept right on doing it because I once I started I just couldn’t stop.

Then it happened. I saw something truly, devastatingly, terrible, and not one single person believed me. By the time the police came, the body was gone. Like it had never been there in the first place. Can you guess what happened next?

Fast forward ten years and I’m back, but it’s temporary. No matter how permanent three handsome strangers are trying to make it. My husband would be so furious, if he was real. Yeah. Turns out you can take the girl out of the town, but put her straight back there and she starts lying her fiery pants off all over again.

I think I’m only just playing a waiting game. That it’s going to be so easy to get through a year in this place. Wrong. So wrong. I should have run when it started happening again. Now I’m trapped, and those sexy strangers I mentioned? Suspiciously new, and seriously obsessed with me.

So now the past has been dug up, and there’s nothing I can do to stop something terrible from happening all over again. That’s the trouble with regrets. You only have them once it’s too late.


No-one around here believes a word Maggie O’Brien says. Not after the whole murder in the cornfield incident. That’s ancient history now, but everyone’s always harking back to it, as if an eight year old girl should be held accountable for being a bit of a fibber. Thing is, it’s the one time I wasn’t lying that they’re crucifying me for. Yeah. That’s the fecked up part of this whole thing. Little Maggie Pants on Fire really did witness something horrifyingly, unspeakably terrible that night in the field. A woman was murdered, gruesomely, right in front of her impressionable young eyes. It’s not her fault the body disappeared before the police got out there. It’s not her fault that she didn’t know who the woman was and that no-one was reported missing in the surrounding areas at the time. But damned if everyone’s going to treat her as if it was. There’s Maggie O’Brien, the girl who cried wolf. Desperate for attention that one. Can’t be trusted. I walked away from this town to get away from the small town mentality. You never live anything down in a place like this. I mean, here I am, twenty years later, and everyone still looks at me like I’m going to corrupt the place to hell and back.


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