Sold to the highest bidder. Caught between two bratva factions.
I’ll pay for the sins of my father with the only thing I have of value…
My virginity.
I will be auctioned.
Sold. Shared. Ruined.
And tossed away.
It’s a sacrifice I am forced to make.
My father promised me to the Alekseev brothers in a dirty, cruel trade.
But when I become a kidnapped pawn in a twisted game played by competing Russian mafia factions, I might have some leverage.
They will fight over me.
And in doing so, destroy each other.
I will turn the tables and come out on top.
That’s the plan…
Until I realize I’m no match for the Alekseev brothers.
They’re ruthless and cruel and make me shake, battling with both fear and desire.
And… excitement.
My heart and body have been dragged into a war.
One I’m not sure I will win.


Dark, dangerous sensuality pours off each man. I should be used to it by now. Maybe even immune. And yet every time one of them touches me, it’s like I’ve never been touched before. It’s intensely electrifying. For a moment in time, nothing else in the world exists. None of the pain, sadness, or betrayal the four of us have in common.

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