he cards answer the question you asked – not the one you meant

The good news is that I finally reunited with my soul mates after 7000 years and found genuine happiness. The bad news is that we’re now running for our lives. The worse news is that the ones after us abducted my best friend.

The silver lining? My cards say that I’m on the right course, even though it leads over a cliff.

Why didn’t I ask how to stop this runaway train heading for the cliff? Or who is the mysterious evil man now hunting me – someone that even my psychic mentor was powerless against? All I know is that fulfilling the purpose I was reincarnated for will determine the fate of the world. Literally.

About that purpose? It’s not to save my mates from certain death, though I’ll try whether they realize it or not. Nor is it to find my best friend who is lost in darkness, but I’ll bring her back, if that’s at all possible. No, my purpose is buried somewhere in memories going back—not just to my lifetime 7000 years ago—but to a time twice as far.

The cards affirm that my destiny lies over that cliff, but I can still save my mates. And, maybe even my best friend. Whether I survive – that is to be determined.

Clearly ask the question you intend…that was my tarot instructor’s first lesson. Too bad I forgot ask the right question this time.


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