They say smart girls are not supposed to end up in the mental ward – that’s not my experience.

I had my life all figured out. Focus on my studies, get my Ph.D., and make a scientific breakthrough. As I am about to cross the finish line, my dad calls, asking for help with his project in Russia. Next thing I know, I’m waking up in Sintrum Medical Institute – specifically the mental ward.

They tell me I had a psychotic break. That I did something very bad to someone I love. That I’m dangerous.

The worst part is, I don’t remember. The memories of that month are gone.

I need to get my memories back. I need to know what really happened, because if what they say is true, I don’t think I can come back from that.

Just when I’m starting to lose hope, I find new allies that are just as determined to help me get my memories back, but. . .they have secrets of their own.

Finn, the newbie crazy who makes my heart race even when he lies.
Coal, the angry guard who is kind to me one minute and a dick the next.
Jace, the angelic doctor who constantly makes me feel like I’m in the midst of a chess match.
And Dameon, my benefactor who oozes darkness and violence but has only ever shown me compassion.

It doesn’t matter what they’re hiding – I need to get out of here. I will use them if I need to because my future depends on it.


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