The territory master wants me for his bride, but his closest servant is my fated mate. Dare a woman ask for both a husband and her bonded companion?

When I was born, my father made a deal.

Now, to protect my remaining family, I must make good his bargain.

A rare specimen in a deadly and dissolving world, I am to belong to Malin Farrow: the master of Gudrune, and among the most feared leaders since the beginning of the Rift Events and all the monsters they bring with them.

Yet, despite his wicked reputation, and all the dark proclivities that make him infamous, he comes to love me–and I love him.

So what draws me to Eleison–his adversarial, standoffish, maddeningly beautiful footman with a beast in his heart?

For that matter…why must I be obsessed when Eleison can’t stand to be near me?

Inspired by Bluebeard, Beauty & The Beast, and Rapunzel, The Rift Bride is a reverse harem gothic romance set in a techno-Victorian universe. This entry features fated mates with a hot shifter on the one hand and age gap attraction with a dangerous older man on the other. It’s a slow burn with no male cheating, jealous/possessive love, an HFN ending in an HEA series, and just the right amount of angst to balance out the very steamy scenes! 18+

This series is by and large about VILLAINS who will get their happy ending, so be forewarned! Plot content can be dark and triggers include general BDSM, bondage, age gap romance, whipping/spanking, knifeplay, kidnapping, and some shocking twists in future volumes. Reader discretion is encouraged.


“You’re going to keep count for me, Thecla. Can you do that?”

I shivered in anticipation, my lip bitten even as my face disappeared behind the shift. His low gasp sounded for what he saw beneath my neck, the background as I whispered, “Yes, sir.”

The world reappeared, and the shift floated to our feet. Malin kept hold of my waist, kept my naked body pressed to his through his clothes. Even through these barriers, an objective indicator of his desire prodded my tense stomach. I gasped, consumed by longing as I’d been for no other man, craving his touch along every last part of my body.

“If it’s too much,” he murmured, keeping his embrace to my waist and the chin he caressed with thumb and forefinger, “tell me…and if it’s not enough, tell me that, too. If you want to stop altogether, tell me the name of your village.”

I nodded, my voice shaking as I exhaled the word, “Okay.”

With a small, cruel smile of appreciation for my anxiety, Malin bent his head and pressed his whispering lips to my ear.

“Do you know why I want to marry you, Thecla?”


“I’ve been falling in love with you just by spending our mornings together…but it’s only today that I understand why. Bend over with your hands on the bed, angel.”

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