They imprisoned me. They tormented me. Now they need me to save them…

I don’t know what strange compulsion made me stalk the halls of the Elemental Academy until I found my handsome professor. All I knew is I’d die if I didn’t taste him. I never meant to steal his power. I never meant to nearly kill him.

For my crime, I’m sentenced to eternal life in the darkest pit of the Lost Soul’s Penitentiary. Or at least I was until my professor interrupts my stasis. He’s a warden now and he wants me to pay for destroying his life. He’s enlisted the help of the other wardens and together they torment my days with pain and my nights with pleasure.

They promise to stop my punishment if I return what I stole, but how can I when I don’t understand how to wield my deadly power?

Just when I’ve resigned myself to this nightmarish fate, the magical wards protecting the prison fail. Suddenly, the wardens need me to save them.

Turnabout is a fair play and, after what they’ve put me through, the price for my help will be nothing less than their bodies and souls…


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