My name is Ana Baker… and I’m a goddess?

I still don’t believe it, but everyone keeps telling me it’s true.

And putting a name to all my strange powers still hasn’t helped me figure out who I am.

But, when my best friend discovers who my birth mother is, I start to hope I can begin to understand myself a bit better.

Not that I’m complaining, I have three sexy daemon princes who are madly in love with me. Grey, a pillar of order and sanity in my otherwise chaotic life. Ramsey, a sexy beast of a man who’ll always protect me. And Fen, my sweet-talking confidante with a miracle tongue. And what’s great is that they’ve finally started to get along!

But when a conclave of the gods draws all new celestials to town, things get complicated once again. Grey’s sister, Erini, is out for my blood, Fen’s father Loki is up to his old mischief, and Ramsey’s cousin Horus wants to claim me as his bride.

Luckily, I’m a goddess and I can take care of myself… probably…


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