Everything I knew about my pack was lie. The monsters our Alpha made us fear are not the true threat to Nightshade. The vicious creatures hiding in our midst have been feeding off all of us our whole lives, while spinning lies about The Abyss and the creatures we were supposedly protecting the world from.

My mates were created to die, to make their father stronger, but they beat him and now they might be Nightshade’s last hope of salvation. Scar, Scratch, Snake and Fox; those beautiful monsters saved my life, and they own my heart.

All five of us will do everything in our power to save this town and its people from the chimera before any more harm can be done.

My destiny has made itself known. I am meant to lead the shifters of Nightshade as their Luna.

I will not let them down.


Claimed by Monsters is book two of two in The Rejected duology. This is a reverse harem shifter/monster romance with most of the steam in this volume.


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