Three brutal monsters came to my rescue. Now who’s going to save me from them?

Every beat of my heart is the tick of a time bomb, reminding me to squeeze as many thrills out of life as I can. Still, the last thing I expect is a horde of nightmarish monsters descending on me in the night, eager to tear me apart.

So when three more demonic figures leap out of the shadows to defend me, my choices are trust my unexpected champions… or die. Not exactly a tough decision.

The beastly men wrench me away from my home, claiming they’ll keep me safe. They say there’s something special about me—something the others want to devour and they mean to protect.

My monstrous saviors are just as brutal as the creatures they fought off, damaged in ways I’ll never understand. I can tell they’re hiding things from me. But the more we dig into the mysteries surrounding my existence, the more I catch glimpses of tenderness beneath their vicious exteriors.

And the touch of their fangs and tentacles makes me feel so shockingly alive, it’s hard to remember why I ever feared them…

Until I discover the real reason they’re protecting me.


This was crazy, right? Making out with a monster? I felt kind of crazy, writhing beneath Lance’s sculpted body, gasping as he tested his teeth against my nipple. But not at all in a way that made me think I should stop this.

We’d barely gotten started, and he was already drawing more pleasure through my body than I’d felt in ages. Maybe ever. What other hookup had been this exhilarating?

What other man could have sliced open my shirt with his bare hands?

He swept his tongue over my breast again, and this time it felt a little different, new flexible ridges hugging the sensitive tip. A choked sound jolted out of me with the rush of unexpected pleasure. My arms jerked against the firm hand that pinned them above my head, and Lance eased back to grin at me. 

“Enjoying yourself, baby girl?” he said, giving the nickname the same teasing lilt he had when he’d used it before. “I can bring out my dragon tongue for you as much as you want. If you ask for it.”

“Yes, please,” I mumbled, but a deeper impulse gripped me. That wasn’t what I wanted most. I wet my lips. “Would you… would you use your claws again?”

Something sparked in Lance’s violet eyes, turning him even more feral and gorgeous than usual. He flexed the fingers on his free hand and trailed the pointed ends of his claws over my skin, skimming the curve of my other breast, one of them flicking right over the nipple. 


The movement was so precise my nerves jittered at the cutting edges, but he didn’t damage a particle of my skin. Just a tender caress that could have killed me if he’d jabbed downward for an instant.

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