Four Dangerously Hot Kings have declared War and what do they all want? Aria… 

After being framed for murder, Aria Kolgrim is given two choices. She either attends Ravenwell Academy to master her Void Magic or spend the rest of her days in prison.

The Academy seemed like the safest choice, but she soon finds herself drawn into a cruel world of warring factions ruled by Four Powerful Wizard Kings. Each wants her to be their queen and nothing can stand against their wanton wishes.

Aria is determined not to lose her freedom to the will of the Kings, but how can she win against Four Powerful Elementals who will stop at nothing to claim her? Can she fight when the King’s jealous exes come for her, out for blood? Will she survive the merciless bullying by her classmates? Or will she succumb to the Four King’s wicked teasing, meant to break her and make her submit?

If she caves, she’ll lose her freedom forever. So, she’d better think fast. Because the Kings are coming for her and when they do, she’ll lose more than her autonomy or even her life.

She’ll lose her heart.


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