The desert land of Mishok is harsh and unforgiving. Only the nomadic Wayfarers can cross the Great Sands without dying to strange beasts or losing their way. The strange city of Oasis lies in the middle of this wasteland, haven to evil mages who steal the energy, spirit, and virtues of its young population. When Ezriel’s magic makes her a target of the mages, she must sneak into one of the nomadic caravans to escape her city.

Fate has a hand in her life, though. Magic begins to return to the Known World; the change has been set in motion by the newly crowned Queen of Megreria. Ezriel has a role to play and the Wayfarer Clan of the Flames is Fated to assist her. When they realize they are pawns of mysterious and vindictive Gods, will it bring them together or tear them apart? Can the nomadic men deny their traditions to share and love one woman? Are they strong enough to fight a battle that has been waging for centuries?


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