My name is Ana Baker… and I really am a demon.

I also still don’t know much more about who I am and I’ve completely broken my “no men” rule.

Like shattered it and toss away all the pieces, because I now have three incredibly sexy, bad boy, demon princes who are all madly in love with me.

There’s Ramsey, The Lord of Strife, who’s all gorgeous bulky muscle and barely-contained chaos, Fen, The Lord of Destruction, a silver-tongued sweetheart with a world-ending wolf inside him, and Grey, The Lord of Conquest, who was my stunning billionaire boss and is now my live-in butler.

Yep, you read that right. My billionaire boss is now my live-in butler because he wants to be near me all the time.

Life couldn’t get much better so, of course, my second daughter returns home and all she wants to do is fight. Then Grey’s sister (who’s the demon of madness and nightmares) forcibly moves in and things get completely out of hand.

Add in a zombie apocalypse… and you have the makings of just another messed up week at the Baker house.


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