After my human death, I found a new and purrfect life as the feline familiar to a witch. But my safe haven is about to crumble.

Winnie, my witch, is performing more spells, draining both our magic reserves and acting suspiciously as she works on a secret project.

Since curiosity kills cats, I escape into the arms of Charlie: the handsome and grumpy hacker next-door that I want, but can never have.

When supernatural visitors show up asking him for help we are introduced to realms beyond our world. A faei, his demon lover, and the irresistible titan, Zaide, who I’m instantly drawn to, are looking for something…and it might be closer than they think.

As the mysteries of Winnie’s project unfold, I’m horrified by what I discover. I go against my witch, and lose my fur to help Charlie and his new friends.

But with my human body comes the haunting memories of my human past. I only hope the men I’ve come to care for will help me remember how good being human can be.


Oh lord above, I ache. What happened?

The last thing I remembered was an excruciating pain shocking every inch of my body. From my nose to my tail.

Behind my eyelids, I could glimpse the sunlight beaming, and I clenched my eyes tighter to block out the light.

It’s so bright. Where am I?

My eyes blinked open, wide and bewildered. When I saw two big purple eyes staring back at me, I panicked. I heard a human scream and was shocked to feel it come from me, vibrations echoing through my throat and out of very human lips, which I covered with very human hands. 

No. No. No. This cannot be happening.

I scrambled back from the edge of the bed, long, furless arms and legs flailing. The feel of the material against my skin scratched me like the graze of a thousand needles, and I whimpered as I tried to untangle myself from the bedsheets.

I fell. My body hit the carpeted floor, which scratched even more than the bedsheets, and I let out a huff of pain.

Please, Lord, I don’t want to be human again. Please let this be a vivid nightmare. I can’t go back to that life.

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