My Loss, His Change, Our Future
I’m Kendra Macbard, a lowly Federal Parks Ranger who has recently lost the love of my life. Now, I must find a way to protect my brothers from our enemies. There are few options until I met Mica – who introduces me to the Ceorfan. The Ceorfan are a race of gargoyles who have shared the Earth with humans for millennia.
I need their help.
The Ceorfan had human friends who protected – even fought alongside them in the Great Wars. Now, the protectors are the protected and the last descendants of their ancient allies – Kendra and her brothers. They all face a battle for their existence. Their enemy has returned.
The Ceorfan need my help.
In deciding to help me, the Ceorfan risk the exposure of their race. If I expose them, I also reveal my new found loves. Can the humans overcome their fear and hatred of the Ceorfan? Coming into my own magic, will I be strong enough to find a place for the Ceorfan in the world?


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