To save my brother, I sacrifice myself to three monsters.

I’ve spent the past decade on the run with my younger brother after our mother was murdered. He’s finally turned eighteen and is under protection of the supernatural academy.

But when a dare goes wrong, I’m afraid I’ve lost him forever. My only choice is to give my life in exchange for his. Now I’m theirs. I belong to three beastly men.

Cade is a terrifying, scar-faced fae.

The wolf, Lucas, guards me like I’m his fated mate.

Zane, the seductive vampire, wants more than my blood.

They want to break me. These cursed men want to own my body, heart, and soul.

I need to escape before I lose myself to their dark temptations. Though outside these walls the hunters await.


I startled when the cell door opened, and Lucas pushed through. My nerves
tingled with the sense of a predator approaching. I stood, gaining my full height
which was dwarfed by the burly wolf.
Lucas halted inside the door. His eyes burned with that golden glow unique
to werewolves when their wolf was close to the surface. I swallowed hard, frozen
to my spot in the corner. Even if I could convince my legs to move, there was no
way to escape. Not without my wand.
With lupine grace, Lucas edged closer. I steadily held his gaze, terrified he’d
pounce as soon as I lost my focus. A whisper in my brain told me I was only
delaying the inevitable. I’d agreed to be Zane’s pet. Would the other two really
leave me alone? Doubtful.
Lucas moved forward until he was an inch away. The warmth from his large
body seeped into my skin, driving away the chill. Before I could stop myself, I
swayed toward him, seeking his heat. His nose ran over the top of my hair to my
temple. I stilled. He inhaled deeply and a sensual growl rumbled in his chest. I
shuddered at the sound.


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