First comes love, then comes… what? Marriage and a baby carriage?

I thought I had my happily ever after. Four incredible, gorgeous mates, a new enormous house, a growing relationship with my brothers, and my own business rescuing and caring for animals.

But I feel something lingering out there. A darkness. A darkness who calls himself my father.

Elrohir is back. My brothers and I may have overcome him last time, but he has returned darker and more powerful than ever. He will stop at nothing to destroy me. No one and nothing I love is safe.

To defeat him, I’ll have to embrace the shadows that linger in my Dark Changeling heart. Am I strong enough to raise and control the King of Demons and overcome my father, or will I lose everything?

It’s time to pull on my extra-large, extra-durable leggings and kick some father-fecking ass.


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