I have whacked the hornet’s nest.
I thought I could outsmart two rival bratva factions. What a fool I was.
And now I have to pay the price. A very high price.
I’m bound for auction, dragged deep into a world of immoral, twisted, obsessed men.
And this time there’s no escaping.
No outsmarting the dangerous, evil men who plan to make money off me, even if it destroys me.
I’m surrounded by killers and psychopaths.
And just when I think I have one, tiny, desperate hope…
My dream spins out of control and is snatched away by something worse than I ever imagined.
It’s brutal, and in spite of those who might be trying to help me,
May be my ruin.
The three Alekseev brothers may smile to my face, but they do other things when my eyes are closed.


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