Limits are blurred, boundaries are broken, and now the game is real.

When I took the job on the island retreat known as The Limit, I hadn’t expected to be mistaken for someone else.

Someone who wanted to be chased, to be caught, to be corrupted.

It was a mistake that would lead four men to take my innocence. Brody, Wilder, Rafferty, and Asher. They each have their own secrets and pain, and I’d started to think I was cracking through their armor.

But the connections we’d made vanished the moment they discovered my lie.

Now everything changes.

What began as a game has become something else entirely. Something sinister and dangerous. Now there are no rules. No limits. No get out clause.

No escape.

I ran from one threat right into the arms of another and now I don’t know if I’ll ever be free.


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