Hell hath no wrath like a goddess scorned.

My deranged brother started a war he couldn’t possibly win. Almost ran the Jackals into the ground. Framed my mate for my father’s murder. A slight that won’t go unpunished.


Without the protection of his demons, his dark players, Danny’s vulnerable. My mates and I will take back what he stole and finish what he started. Erase the Wolves from existence. Then we’re coming for his mysterious friend.

Because I belong with the Jackals. Belong to them. And nothing will ever threaten that.

Broken Mates is book 4 in the Jackals’ Wrath MC series heroine and four badass, haunted bikers with insta-lust (mate bond) but no insta-love and a guaranteed and rewarding HEA. If you love shifters, fated mates, Egyptian mythology, this is the series for you! This series contains dark elements with trigger warnings, suitable for 18+ readers. There is no bullying from the men to the heroine who treat their woman like a goddess.


The corner of his lips ticked up, activating those irresistible dimples. “You could ease my mind and come to the firing range with me.”

Not this again. We’d been over it, and the answer was no. He wanted me to practice with a handgun. Reassurance that I could handle myself in a fight.

“I don’t like guns, you know that!” I pushed at his chest again and he growled, loving it, his jackal taking notice, predator gaze trained on me. Shivers trembled in my core at his intense stare. I fucking loved it when he looked at me like that. Like he wanted to catch me, throw me on the table, bite and scratch me, and have his way with me. The wild part of me snarled, daring him.

He removed his gun and set it down besides his lunch. “He’s feeling a bit cold and lonely.” I laughed as he lovingly stroked the dark metal. “Want to warm him up? Leave your scent on him so I can smell your arousal as I kill my enemies?”

“You’re such a dirty demon!” Reminded of our hot sex at the restaurant, I slid my arms around his neck, digging my nails into his skin, dragging him down for a long, hungry kiss with crushing lips and mating tongues.

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