The Rosano brothers ruined me… and now they’re going to pay.

The Rosanos were my father’s strongest allies in the criminal underworld, and I couldn’t help falling for the three heirs to the empire. But the brothers stole my innocence and treated me like a joke. I hid my humiliation, walked away, and never looked back.

Until now.

When a routine deal between our families falls apart in a hail of bullets, I’m the only one who can venture onto the Rosanos’ turf to get to the root of the disaster. No one will suspect a woman of being a major player—especially not delicate, recently widowed Anthea Noble.

I’ll find out who’s out to screw us over and take care of them by my own special means. I’ll also get my revenge on the men who ruined me years ago.

Darius, Lucan, and Felix have only gotten more gorgeous since I last saw them—and they’re just as eager to crush me as I am to destroy them. But the deeper I tumble into our heated game of cat and mouse, the more pieces I uncover that don’t add up.

Nothing here is as it seems. And my only hope of preventing all-out war may be trusting the men I’ve both loved and hated.


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