My life has never been perfect.

In fact, it’s anything but.

When my parents passed away in a car accident, I had to take care of my little sister. I supported us both as I tried to finish college and work two jobs. It’s hard to focus on my life when I have to keep myself together for someone else.

But just as I felt everything was falling apart, I landed my dream internship at the NYPD Crime Analysis Unit. Although I am guarded, my new boss is determined to befriend me, and so is her cop brother and his two best friends. As hard as it is to keep my walls around them up, they’re starting to crumble.

With my new connections in place—searching deeper into the truth of my parents’ accident—it causes unwanted attention from powerful people.

Though the truth may be harder to swallow.

What if the truth will change the course of everything I’ve ever known?


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