Every story has a beginning. 

Some just start off bloodier than others.

My story begins with the devil sporting a crooked halo over his horns, heralding pain and punishment in the name of unjust penance.

Nurturing words turned into sour admonishments.

Loving touches morphed into colorful bruises.

I became his sacrificial lamb.

Offered to his right hand man.

Trained and conditioned.


Or so they thought …

When a chance to escape presents itself, I take it, consequences be damned.

With it, a new beginning is forged, one where freedom isn’t a commodity given out sparingly.

What could go wrong?


A single choice brings about dire consequences.

So what happens when everything around me crumbles … again?


Bound is book one in the Lost Soul Series, and not intended to be read as a standalone. This is a slow burn novel that features three possessive, territorial, and psychotic men that will stop at nothing to keep the woman they claimed as their own safe … even if it means protecting her from herself. 

Warnings: This novel includes substance abuse, sexual assault, violence, self-harm, parental physical and verbal abuse, swearing, PTSD, and sexual content suitable for +18 audience.


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