A murder, a betrothal, four mates desperate to claim me… and a war that might end us all.

I always knew I would take over as leader of our pack… I just didn’t expect that day to come so soon.

While I struggle with my father’s murder, I’m thrust amid an ongoing turf war between us and the Langleys—a sleuth of bears who aren’t afraid to maim and kill to steal the power they crave.

Our only chance at survival is to ally with another wolf pack and the rival gang in town, the Whitlocks. And with a contract waiting to be signed there’s just one issue—I’m supposed to be the bartering chip.

Just when I think things can’t get any more complicated, my mates come barging into my life, mates I never wanted.

I’m Skylar Draven, and I have vengeance to serve, an engagement to get out of, and a pack to save. I might be regaining my footing, but one thing I’m not is weak, and I’ll shred anyone limb from limb who endangers my pack or family…


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