There’s one place scarier than hell.

And we’re in it.

There’s a series of tunnels beneath the school that we must travel through in order to escape Tory’s School for the Troubled.

But the world on the other side? It’s a land of nightmares and monsters. A place where your worst fears come to life. A world of darkness and pain and suffering.

In order to return home, I must confront and conquer my demons. And with the help of five arresting men, that might be possible.

Beau, my childhood best friend. He may not say much, but I know he’ll always have my back…even if he does break my heart.

Aiden, the cruel and vindictive ruler of the school who once blamed me for his sister’s disappearance. Now, he can’t decide if he wants to kiss me or choke me. The feeling’s mutual.

Tanner, the flirty, passionate man who sets my skin ablaze, despite cutting me down with acerbic quips.

Kace, the man who has two sides to him I yearn to uncover. Stoic and intense one second, and exuberant the next.

And finally Heath, the psychopathic class president with cold eyes and a fake smile. He knows more about where we are than anyone else, but can I handle uncovering all of his secrets?

Death admitted us to Tory’s School for the Troubled. Life might just be our only way out.

And for me and the psychotic men who now own my heart? It’s into hell’s depths we go.


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