A human servant. A tempting deal with an Elven prince. Three elves willing to break the rules for her…

As an indentured servant summoned to the Elven court, I fear my rule-breaking ways have been discovered. When I arrive at the castle, the handsome Elven prince makes me a deal for my freedom.

Let him explore my human body… in any way he desires.

But coupling is forbidden between humans and elves.

Moreover, Prince Eldrin’s two tempting advisors warn me that the Elven King would rather see me dead than in his son’s bed.

And the king isn’t the only elf who wants me to disappear forever.

Thanks to the prince’s keen attention, I’m now a prime target to attack.

I need to escape while I still can.

But do I dare leave my Elven keepers behind to brave the mortal realm alone?


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