I’m a bunny shifter who has been claimed by the wolf shifters.
Things are going to get hot…or dead.

I’m determined to honor the memory of my family by respecting the rabbit shifter community’s traditions. That is right up until I’m slapped in the face with an unexpected betrayal. The Elders are offering me up on a silver platter to the five male rabbit shifters whose favorite pastime is tormenting me.

I can either be the rabbits’ plaything or run from the Burrows and the only home I’ve ever known.

I’m sick and tired of being the docile bunny I was brought up to be. It is time that people learn this bunny can bite, because I’m not taking anything from anybody from now on… Not even from the wolves that are breathing down my neck.

Sure, the bunnies are under the wolves’ protection, but these guys seem to have a taste for getting me all hot and bothered. Rabbit shifters and wolves will do business together, but personal relationships just aren’t possible… Right?

And to make matters worse, my spring heat is happening. Like, now. A female rabbit can’t survive going through a heat alone, but can I trust these wolves to care for me when I’m at my most vulnerable? And what about afterwards?

These predators are going to eat me alive…and I’m looking forward to it.

Better-Off Bunny is a standalone within a series. This book contains some bullying, but not from Monroe’s fated mates.
The Hey There, Hop Stuff series will feature a different bunny shifter girl and her mates within the same community. Each girl will get her happy ending. The books can be read out of order, but the community and shifter communities will make slightly more sense if you read the books in order.


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